Roey Tzezana, Ph.D.


Futurist, Foresight Expert, Author & Public Speaker and a TEDx Lecturer 


I am a futurist, a Futures Studies researcher with a PhD in nano-technology, and an author. I enjoy delving into the mysteries of foresight, wild cards (black swans), and emerging and disruptive technologies. I have spoken to hundreds of conference audiences and appeared frequently on TV and radio to discuss for a wide range of listeners and viewers the fascinating study of the future of technology and society. My main concerns and interests lie in the future of education, work, biotechnology, crime and warfare. I have conducted research on these topics for various governmental ministries and international bodies.


Most recently, I have been lecturing for and providing consultation to entities worldwide including large companies and firms, the Lahav Management School at Tel Aviv University and other educational institutions, and as an invited keynote lecturer to innovation and global thinking workshops internationally.



The Future of Work


Are robots going to take over your job? Probably, if you don't think forward and prepare in advance. In this lecture you'll find out what our children are going to be doing for a living, which professions have a good chance to survive – and which don't – and how we should all start thinking about a world in which we don't have to work... at all.

The Future of Education


In the near future, the teacher we know today will evolve into five different types of educators. How will each kind affect the education system, and why are the future chilren about to enjoy an education brilliantly better than that which we received in our youth?


The Future Organization


Exponential organizations are those that grow ten times more rapidly than others, and disrupt everything in their path. Come learn what differentiates the exponential organizations from traditional ones, and how you can transform your own organization from within!

... and everything else


Any topic that has to do with emerging and disruptive technologies, I've likely studied and talked about before. Click here to find more lecture topics!


"Your lecture was captivating and illuminating... You've fascinated the audience with your vast knowledge and rare ability to drive messages forward. You've left us with a "taste for more". We've received extremely excited responses from the audience. I have no doubt that without you, the conference would not have been as succesful as it was."
David Castle, President, Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Haifa & the North