Israel's Bright Future


Israel is a mystery to many: a small, young nation with the third highest rate of entrepreneurship (and the highest rate among women) in the world, and with the largest concentration of hi-tech companies in the world, after the Silicon Valley. How did that happen? What can we learn from Israel's past and present, about the future?


In the lecture I'll outline the various ways in which Israel is managing to lead in the technological race of the present, and the lessons we can all take from it on various fields such as education and innovation. The main challenges for Israel's future will also be described.



The Israeli flag picture was created by Texasranger01 user on Wikipedia, and is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

Hear Me Roar!

The Future of Education


In the near future, the teacher we know todat will evolve into five different types of educators. How will each kind affect the education system, and why are the future chilren about to enjoy an education brilliantly better than that which we received in our youth?


The Future Organization


Exponential organizations are those that grow ten times more rapidly than others, and disrupt everything in their path. Come learn what differentiates the exponential organizations from traditional ones, and how you can transform your own organization from within!

... and everything else


Any topic that has to do with emerging and disruptive technologies, I've likely studied and talked about before. Click here to find more lecture topics!