The Future of Education


My child is three years old, and he is already designing robots on his iPad, and manufacturing them using his 3D-printer. He has learned how to read and write from the computer (both in Hebrew and in English), and I'm pretty confident he's already planning to replace me with a robot in the not-so-far-away-future.


Does that mean we have no need for teachers anymore?


Under the five-twenty-five model, I propose five new types of teachers that we'll see dominating the educational arena by the year 2025, and none of them is completely computerized - although they all have to use technologies to leverage their skills and talent. The scientific teacher, the leveraged teacher, the playing teacher, the projecting teacher, and most importantly - the human teacher. 


This lecture is vital, and has proved immensely meaningful, to anyone who is concerned about the future of education. Whether you're a teacher, a kindergarden supervisor, an academic professor or a parent - you'll find yourself uplifted by the potential of tomorrow's education, and hopefully look for ways to bring that future to the present.

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