The Future of Medicine


In the beginning of 2013, I decided to sequence my genetic code, so that I could better understand my future and my past. My findings have led me to a journey of discovery about both myself and the future of medicine, in an attempt to find the answer to the questions we're all looking for: when will we find a cure for the deadly diseases that riddle us - and will that solution come soon enough?


My findings, which were based both on individual research and on collaboration with pharma companies, have led me to the realization that the future of medicine is much brighter than we tend to think. We are now on the verge of a new era in which medicine will become much cheaper than it is today, much more reliable, and provided almost instantenously to all who need it. 


That is not to say that there aren't any hurdles along the way, but the potential is great - if only we find the proper way to implement the medical systems of the future into the present. Contact me to learn more about the bright future of medicine!

Hear Me Roar!

The Future of Education


In the near future, the teacher we know todat will evolve into five different types of educators. How will each kind affect the education system, and why are the future chilren about to enjoy an education brilliantly better than that which we received in our youth?


The Future of Work


Are robots going to take over your job? Probably, if you don't think forward and prepare in advance. In this lecture you'll find out what our children are going to be doing for a living, which professions have a good chance to survive – and which don't – and how we should all start thinking about a world in which we don't have to work... at all.

... and everything else


Any topic that has to do with emerging and disruptive technologies, I've likely studied and talked about before. Click here to find more lecture topics!