The Future of Work


At the start of 2014, I witnessed a curious clash between my parents. My mother was driving, and my father was giving her constant directions. At one point, Waze (the GPS-reliant navigating system) gave her directions that conflicted with my father's.


She obeyed the computer on the spot. My father was devestated, but as she said - "I just trust the computer better".


My father is now almost useless as a navigator, when compared to a hand-held device that everybody has. This is a change in roles, which we as human beings will need to become used to in the coming years. Robots and computers have been taking work places in the past two hundred years, and now we're coming to a point in time when artificial intelligence is competing with the biological one. How will that affect us, as human beings, as fathers and mothers who need to support their families? What will we do in a world where there is no need for work? And what jobs are safe (so far) for our children and grandchildren?


In this lecture I'll expand into all of the above, explain which jobs and professions are at risk, and what today's worker needs to do to keep his or her workplace. 

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The Future of Education


In the near future, the teacher we know todat will evolve into five different types of educators. How will each kind affect the education system, and why are the future chilren about to enjoy an education brilliantly better than that which we received in our youth?


The Future Organization


Exponential organizations are those that grow ten times more rapidly than others, and disrupt everything in their path. Come learn what differentiates the exponential organizations from traditional ones, and how you can transform your own organization from within!

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