The Future Organization


When I published my first book, I opened a contest in 99Designs for artists to draw the cover for my book. All the established designers warned me that only amateurs join such competition. Nontheless, I carried on and received almost a hundred submissions. The final cover that won was a beautiful one indeed (you can see it on the left), and the book became a best-seller in Israel.


The connectivity and the many-to-many communication it enables brings about a new kind of organization: one in which the community can serve the firm by providing people's ideas, insights and even creations. Many organizations are becoming flattened, forming almost seamless communication channels with the public, and attempting to disrupt themselves before others do so. This is the shape of the future organizations - and firms that walk this road find themselves growing at a pace that far outstrips that of their more conventional competitors. That is why they are called exponential organizations.


If you want to learn about exponential organizations and what makes them tick - this is the lecture you want.

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The Future of Education


In the near future, the teacher we know todat will evolve into five different types of educators. How will each kind affect the education system, and why are the future chilren about to enjoy an education brilliantly better than that which we received in our youth?


The Future of Work


Are robots going to take over your job? Probably, if you don't think forward and prepare in advance. In this lecture you'll find out what our children are going to be doing for a living, which professions have a good chance to survive – and which don't – and how we should all start thinking about a world in which we don't have to work... at all.

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